Information Security Policy

How do we ensure Security of Your Personal Data?

In order to ensure integrity of all required data, archive them in compliance with legislation and prevent disclosure thereof to third parties, excluding the medical team that will undertake diagnosis and treatment for supporting and maintaining the Services delivered to our clients;

•Necessary software and hardware are determined.

•Necessary resources are allocated for uninterrupted supply of required software and hardware,

•Activities to be performed to protect client’s data are notified to our personnel in trainings and their relevant responsibility is materialized through employment contracts.

•The infrastructure required backing up all data is determined and the people in charge of them are specified,

•Any and all means of access (reading, editing, deleting, adding) to the information system of our hospital are subject to authorization,

•Client (Patient) files and data are disclosed to patients, their relatives (should written consent is obtained from the patient) and to relevant bodies and organizations subject to health legislation as well as authorized judicial bodies in case of judicial conditions.

Three basic principles of our hospital about information security are privacy, integrity and access limited to authorized people.

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